Summary of Fox’s GBTA Presentations

Now that GBTA is over, we have your recap from Fox’s employee presentations in case you missed them or just wanted to learn about the variety of interesting, impactful topics discussed.

UPDATE (8/20): Day 2 presentations

Mike Heck – Airline Agreement Negotiation and Contract Management

  • Large mergers are happening in the airline industry
  • Alliances are being drawn with airlines marketing for each other in markets they don’t serve
  • Joint ventures allow airlines to cover more ground and serve more without investment
    • Split profits, costs
  • TMC should support the company’s overall goals and relationships
  • Airlines focus on partnerships that
    • Move additional business from OA
    • Have high yield travel
    • Provide a decent amount of business
  • As a company, never overcommit
  • Programs and discounts
    • Points
      • No cost
      • Gather points that do expire
      • Redeemed for tickets, upgrades, drinks, etc.
      • No Prism data
    • Discount agreements
      • More spend = more negotiating power
      • Prism data required
      • Almost a partnership including reporting, communication, promoting company internally
    • Multi-national, global and alliance contracts
      • More complex and usually more spend
      • Minimum of two global points of sale
      • Fox trained to help with complexity
  • Managing agreement
    • Managing is most of the work
    • Review stats at quarterly meetings
    • Online booking tool/web-based management tools
    • Improve on the agreement over time

GBTA - Mike Heck

George Kalka – Virtual Cards

  • 11% of travel programs now use
    • 23% additional likely to implement
  • Aspects of virtual cards
    • Uses 16 digit number like normal cards
    • Used for a specific payment and inactive until next specific use
    • Most commonly used in hotel stays
      • New hire/non-employee/hotel direct bills
  • Why use?
    • Easy to use
      • Put on business phone
      • Good for emergencies
      • NFC and online purchases
    • More secure
    • Control spending
    • Most major card companies are applicable

GBTA - George Kalka

JoHannah Greene, Ben Claxton – 10 Features to Enable on Your SAP Concur Site

  1. Custom messaging
  2. Custom landing page
  3. Southwest content
  4. TripLink
  5. Compliance messages
  6. Seat selections
  7. Virtual payment
  8. Post ticket changes
  9. Express checkout
  10. Traveler self service

GBTA - JoHannah and Ben

Beth Marino – The Impact of Travel Disruption

  • Travel disruption is any deviation from the plan for a trip
    • Examples of this include flight delays, cancellations, diversions, traffic, etc.
  • Flight disruption is the most common travel disruption and is very expensive
    • Costs range from $25 – $35 billion annually!
  • Flight delays are caused by many reasons
    • Weather is only accountable for around 1/3 of delays
    • About half are caused by airlines
      • How airlines respond to this is important
  • Delays and cancellations are decreasing
    • 18% in 2014 to 16% (3 million delays) in 2017
  • Seats are being filled
    • This leads to less room to make adjustments for delays and cancellations
    • Ex. horror stories of people waiting in airports for days for a flight
  • Reactive solutions to these delays
    • Doesn’t help all of the people sitting there waiting
    • A lot of these delays could have been solved beforehand
  • Proactive solutions
    • Passengers benefit from not having to wait & knowing what is going on
    • Airlines benefit from less negative press, schedules stay on track and less emergencies to handle
    • TMCs benefit from being the “go to” resource for business travelers
  • How Fox proactively operates
    • Ability to increase staff based on demand
    • MyFoxWorld App delivers notifications
      • Waiver data in their hands
    • Predictive analytics lets us know what most people would do

James Keller – Elevate Your Meeting

  • Starts with your message
    • Clear and concise and consistent
    • Educational and fun
  • First impressions are everything
    • Simple, clean and professional site
    • Provide plenty of information to attendees
  • Getting to the meeting
    • Carey provides unparalleled ground transportation
    • Ease of mind for organizers and attendees
    • Carey offers years of professional experience and options
  • Technology
    • Registration and automated check-in via tablet
    • Print name tags live
    • Interactive meeting app providing schedules and updates
    • Live polling and voting for engagement and post-meeting evaluations

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