Do you love adventure? Then you need to be a Foxplorer! Learn about our amazing planet earth, our history and some of the unbelievable things you can see out there in the world. Trees bigger than buildings, castles over thousands of years old, secret places in the jungle, and animals that you can’t even imagine. Learn so many cool things, make Totem Poles that tell amazing stories, write like an Egyptian, play games like a Scottish Highlander, and more. You will know about amazing places and one day maybe you can go visit them! Become a part of the Little Foxplorer Club and be a member of the best team of adventures in the world.

At Fox, we want everyone of all ages to live and breathe travel. We created Little Foxplorers to help open the world to all those young travelers out there. Using our experience and knowledge we have put together a totally free program including educational videos and activities. Kids of all ages can learn about history, culture, geography and more, while also having a little bit of fun along the way.