How Companies are Making a Difference with Voluntourism

What is Voluntourism?

Voluntourism is what you get when you combine an international tourism trip with volunteer efforts. By participating, you’re not only given the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in a new destination, but you also have the opportunity to give back and make a noticeable difference in the world. This form of travel has been a growing trend over the last decade and companies are taking note.

“Volunteer tourism is a growing trend in corporate travel,” said James “Keller” Keller, vice president of meetings and incentives. “Whether the sole purpose of a business trip or simply a component, companies, large and small, enjoy giving their employees the opportunity to experience the excitement of helping those in need.”

Voluntourism in Action

Hurricane Maria

Fox recently partnered with a major insurance company to plan a voluntourism trip where they sent 50 employees to aid in Hurricane Maria recovery in Puerto Rico. Residents of Bartolo mountains had their homes and school painted in addition to a wealth of supplies being donated to aid families in need.

“It’s been a wonderful experience for our team, as well as a number of our partners. It was good for our souls to work for others and provide them with goods and services benefiting their lives. I can’t thank our partners and our sponsors enough for providing us with the support needed to accomplish our mission. It was truly an American effort,” said the company’s CEO.

Homes for our Troops

Fox Stars including James Keller, Program Manager II, Mary Jackson, along with help from the meetings and incentives team, recently teamed up with Weathertech and volunteered their time and connections to support a great charity in Homes For Our Troops as part of their company’s anniversary.

Fox was honored to help sponsor and offer our time and service to a cause that gives back in so many ways. Keller even used his connections to get in contact with Noah Galloway, who is a wounded soldier and motivational speaker to address the crowd and lend his time. Being a recipient of a home from the same organization, Noah had a passion for this important cause.

Together with Weathertech, Fox and friends raised over $25,000 for the charity.

Opportunities similar to this exist all over the world for communities in need of volunteers and aid. To learn more about destinations and how you can help, contact us online or call our meetings and incentives department at 877.369.8785.



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