When it comes to travel reporting, data exists for, well, everything.   What if there was a way to have ALL the information you need at your fingertips, AND there was an easy way to use it. Our proprietary Cognition business intelligence platform has you covered.



Cognition™, Fox’s data visualization service harvests and analyzes raw data from transactions, itineraries, traveler surveys and other sources and translates it into intuitive visualizations. These visualizations create actionable insights for our clients, with the ability to drill down to the individual transaction level to show why key performance indicators are trending a certain way.

Cognition™ also provides predictive analytics, forecasting your travel spend for future business quarters and helping your travel manager prepare for long-term trends.

Management Reports

Access to over 100 “pre” and “post” travel management reports, plus custom and ad hoc reporting.

Analytics and Benchmarking

Compliance analysis, ROI calculator and benchmarking against more than 40,000 corporations across North America.

Travel Program Scorecard

Overall cost-savings reports track Fox performance metrics like negotiated discounts, unused ticket management, waivers and more.

Global Reporting

Consolidated global reports integrating data across multiple independent sources throughout all international currencies.