Our experienced technology teams are unlike any other. Digging deeper into your needs to build custom solutions that fit you is our way of life. If a solution doesn’t yet exist, let’s build it together.

Keep your travelers informed and connected using Fox’s mobile app and customized communication tools. Whether you are communicating with one traveler or thousands, our tools help you support your travelers during every step of the travel experience, before, during and after travel.

  • Travel management tools: Customizable traveler and arranger portals and a mobile app provide you and your travelers with policy information, itinerary details and more at your fingertips.
  • Communications tools: Communicate with your travelers before, during and after travel through several communication tools that support your pre-trip approvals, policy compliance and duty of care initiatives.
  • Expense tools: Virtual payments, e-receipts, the Fox Invoice 3i and financial reporting work together to solve the expense reporting challenges travel managers and travelers face during and after a trip.

2018 Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award for Innovation

Fox was recently awarded the 2018 Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award for Innovation, which specifically recognizes Fox’s focus on the traveler experience through the development of our innovative Fox Waivers 3i technology.

Fox 3i Philosophy

Fox’s award-winning technology development team has delivered a custom philosophy to support Fox’s proprietary developments: Fox 3iInnovative. Intuitive. Intelligent. Fox 3i powers our interactive and customizable traveler tools including the traveler portal, mobile app, and invoice/itinerary — all of which help keep your travelers informed and connected, and improve the overall business travel experience.

Fox Invoice 3i
This interactive invoice allows travel managers to connect with travelers through intelligent features such as custom messaging, reservation details, loyalty program reminders and more.

Fox Waivers 3i
Your travelers can stay ahead of flight delays and other disruptions with automatic notification when a waiver is made available by the airline allowing travelers to book an alternative flight.

Fox Portal 3i
This one-stop resource of education, information and essential travel-related tools is tailored to the distinct roles of traveler and travel arranger and can customizable to fit your company’s travel specifications.

MyFoxWorld 3i Mobile App
Your travelers can stay informed while on the road with itinerary information, destination guides, geolocation services, weather updates, mobile check-in, directions and more all in one app.

Fox Waivers 3i Testimonial:

“We were scheduled to travel from Pittsburgh to Chicago, then Chicago to Madison, but weather was questionable. We had an email from you by the time we got to the airport with an alternate route (Pittsburgh to Newark, Newark to Madison). My colleague called and was able to change all three of our itineraries over the phone and we got home safely on the same evening. We were not only impressed with the fact than an alternate route was picked for us, saving us a lot of hassle at the airport, but the customer service we received from the woman who handled the call was nothing short of superior. Well done!” – Business traveler