Paula started a career in the travel industry in 1998 as a flight attendant servicing the United States and Canada. In 2000, her passions changed which led her to the wonderful world of being a travel advisor. Travel has always been an important part of Paula’s life as she enjoys immersing herself in new cultures and exploring different parts of the world.

Her extensive travel experience allows her to consult on just about any destination, whether you are looking to relax at an all-inclusive resort or an adventure-filled getaway. Paula’s strong attention to detail and knowledge will help you create the perfect dream vacation. Mexico and the Caribbean are Paula’s specialties with having visited over 25 times and toured over 50 hotels. She has countless certifications in destinations, including Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Italy and Scotland.

Travel is not always easy but for Paula it is always worth it. When Paula travels, she not only learns about the world we live in but also about herself as she continues to grow as a person. She has endless travel tips she shares with clients and is looking forward to sharing them with you. One destination she’d go back to? Italy and she’d eat that second piece of tiramisu!

Whether it is a weekend getaway or the trip you’ve always dreamed of, Paula is looking forward to assisting you with your perfect adventure.

Paula's Recent Trips