Jennifer Skaar has been a travel specialist since 1988. Since becoming a travel consultant, she has enjoyed the excitement of zip-lining in Costa Rica, experienced the awesome beauty of hiking on the Island of Molokai, took leisurely strolls on the beaches of Cancun and discovered quaint destinations while on board a European River Cruise. Now, she cannot forget the beauty we have in our own backyard either! Jennifer has enjoyed spectacular views of the Grand Canyon, took in a gorgeous sunset on Florida's coastline, tried her luck in Las Vegas and Reno and enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera in the exciting city of New York. All of these experiences and more have made her the travel agent she is today; Someone who truly enjoys the job she does. Jennifer looks forward to sharing her experiences with you to guide you towards your own new and exciting experiences!

Specialty Highlights

Cruise - Panama Canal

While it’s true that the Panama Canal is the connection between North and South America, it is also one of the most fascinating and beautiful cruise itineraries that I have ever experienced. You will have an opportunity to visit beautiful ports of call in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica. But in addition to these fabulous stops, you’ll also learn about the history of the Panama Canal, a technological marvel even by today’s standards. Your options are varied when selecting a Panama Canal cruise so let my knowledge and experience help you make the right choice.

Jennifer is also a dedicated cruise specialist. She has completed comprehensive training and immersion trips to directly experience a wide-range of cruise lines. Jennifer's first-hand experience allows her to understand how to customize cruise lines and itineraries to create a memorable cruise experience for her clients.

Jennifer's Recent Trips